Look at Art – Brons foundry

With Look at Art, craftsmanship is of paramount importance in the processing and patination of bronze sculptures.

Look at Art strives for perfection to bring out all details and artistic accents of the image even better for the artist.

Look at Art pours in various non-ferrous metals both cire perdue, sand mold and vacuum.
By using multiple techniques we can mold and cast small and large objects for you in different alloys.

Below you will find some further work that we will realize;

  • Silicone rubber molds
  • Grave art
  • Remembrance and text plates
  • Promotional gifts
  • Casting in resin
  • Casting in plasterCoating of real metals such as bronze, brass, copper, tin, corten steel ect.
See also our website www.bronzespecialart.com